SunPower Solar Panels

Why Elite Partnered with SunPower: The Industry’s Best Solar Panels

At Elite Roofing & Solar, we didn’t want to partner with just any solar installer to provide solar panel solutions for Colorado homeowners. We did a lot of research on solar providers to identify the company that would be the best partner to us and provide the best products available. Luckily, our search didn’t take long: when it comes to powerful, durable, and compact solar panels backed by professional customer service, SunPower is second to none! Here’s why we chose SunPower as our partner in the solar industry.

SunPower and Elite Roofing & Solar: A powerful partnership for your solar needs in Colorado.

Elite Roofing & Solar is a partnership between the expert roofers at Elite Roofing and the solar industry’s undisputed leader, SunPower. Thanks to our partnership, our trained professionals can coordinate your new roof installation with the solar panel array you’ve been planning!

Is SunPower a Good Solar Company?

For each solar provider we considered, we asked ourselves: Is this a good company? SunPower Corporation quickly emerged as not just a good solar company, but the best in the industry.

SunPower provides the most powerful solar panels available, backed by the industry’s best warranty, and all manufactured right here in the U.S. Here are just a few qualities that separate SunPower solar panels from the rest of the industry.

The Most Efficient Solar Panels Available

Not all solar panels are created equal. Efficiency is one of the biggest difference-makers when it comes to choosing a solar panel provider. More efficient solar panels means it takes fewer to produce the same amount of energy.

SunPower solar panels are the most efficient panels available on the market today. It takes just 18 SunPower solar panels to produce the same amount of energy as 25 panels from a market-standard product. This means a SunPower solar array will be much more compact and aesthetic on your roof, and it leaves you with the flexibility to add more panels in the future if needed.

Industry-Leading Longevity and Warranty

For 30 years, SunPower has been producing the highest performing solar panels on the market. Not only are they efficient, but a SunPower system can last for up to 40 years. Covered by the industry’s best warranty, SunPower is the only U.S.-based solar manufacturer who can say they’ve been around for longer than the 25-year warranty they offer.

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What Brand of Solar Panels Does SunPower Use?

For most solar installers, it’s crucial to ask who manufactures their solar panel arrays. But for SunPower, the answer is simple: SunPower uses SunPower brand solar panels, all manufactured right here in the U.S.

With complete control of the manufacturing and installation process, SunPower avoids the pitfalls of “frankensolar” that most other solar installers fall into. When different parts of an array are manufactured by different companies, those parts may not always fit together well. But for SunPower, quality is key—and the only way to ensure the best quality and the most seamless solar array is to manufacture the entire system yourself.

The Best Solar Products — Backed by the Best Solar Service in Denver

The Elite Roofing team was immediately impressed by SunPower’s industry-leading solar panels. But we were truly blown away when SunPower showed not just a dedication to quality of product, but to the quality of their services as well.

Throughout all the years we’ve been in business, Elite Roofing has strived to embody “Roofing Done Right” through each and every project we complete. That means friendly service and never compromising on customer satisfaction. To achieve “Roofing and Solar Done Right,” we would need a solar partner just as dedicated to those high service standards as we are. SunPower stood out as a highly professional solar installer—one that we would be proud to work alongside for years to come.

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At Elite Roofing and Solar, we coordinate every step of the solar installation process with SunPower, ensuring that your roof is in perfect health and your new solar array is installed as efficiently and disruption-free as possible. If you’re ready to add solar to your home, Elite Roofing and Solar is standing by! Schedule your solar consultation today.