Experience Matters! Here’s What It Means in the Solar Industry

Experience matters in any industry when it comes to getting a reliable, high-quality service that you can count on. But with a technology as new as solar you may be wondering how much working with the most experienced solar installers in Denver, CO really matters.

As it turns out, experience makes a huge difference when it comes to solar installation! At Elite Roofing & Solar, we partnered with the most experienced solar installers serving the Denver, CO area to ensure our customers would receive the best quality possible when they add solar to their home. Here’s what experience gets you in the solar industry.

Knowledge of Regulations and Building Codes

It may seem that installing a solar array is as simple as attaching it to your home. However, proper solar installation requires a carefully planned out process—and as with most other work done to your home, it must be completed in accordance with local laws and regulations governing building codes.

More experienced solar installers will have greater familiarity with the building codes in Denver, CO and other areas they serve. This ensures that your installation can be completed quickly, efficiently, and without incurring unnecessary penalties and fees that may result from failing to comply with these regulations.

Greater Ability to Solve Challenging Problems

Because no two roofs are alike, no two solar array installations are alike either. Every roof has a different structure and uses different materials, and every family and home has different needs in terms of energy consumption. Between these and other factors, it takes both an experienced roofer and an experienced solar installer to solve problems and overcome unexpected challenges from project to project.

Elite Roofing & Solar provides the right combination of roofing and solar experience needed to complete even the most challenging solar installations. The Elite Roofing team can diagnose roofing issues and ensure your roof will last throughout the life of your solar array, while SunPower’s expert solar installers can provide the perfect array to meet your current—and future!—energy needs.

Unmatched Customer Service

Let’s face it: providing an excellent customer experience is a skill learned over time, and not one that comes to many people naturally. Newer companies in any industry typically need to spend time learning how to ensure greater customer satisfaction. 

On the other hand, both well-established roofing companies and solar installers have had the time to learn from their mistakes, as well as the mistakes of others in their respective industries. Through this experience, they’ve learned how to communicate effectively with customers and provide the best experience possible through each and every project.

SunPower: The Most Experienced Solar Installers Serving Denver, CO

When it comes to experience in the solar industry, no company can match the longevity of SunPower. Founded in 1985, SunPower can stand behind their 25-year warranty better than anyone else—because unlike most solar installers serving Denver, CO, they’ve been around for longer than the life of their warranty!

This longevity and the quality of their products allows SunPower to offer the most powerful and comprehensive warranty in the industry. Where many solar installers provide a 10-year warranty, SunPower’s lasts more than twice as long with less expected power decline over the life of your solar array. You can learn more about SunPower’s warranty at this link.

Elite Roofing & Solar: Schedule Your Consultation Today!

At Elite Roofing & Solar, we provide the best in solar and roofing solutions for our customers throughout Denver and the Front Range. To accomplish this, we partnered with the top solar installers serving the greater Denver, CO area in SunPower. Combined with our extensive experience and knowledge in roofing, you can be fully confident that your solar array will operate at greater efficiency and for longer than other solar panels available on the market. 

If you’re ready to add solar to your home, or if you’d like to learn more about the difference solar can make for you, we’re ready to talk! Book your free solar consultation today.