The Best Solar Installers Will Keep Your Warranty Intact

Roof-mounted solar panels are a great way to reduce the carbon footprint of your home while saving money in the long run. Now is also a great time to install solar panels, thanks to the immediate cost savings and the rebates and tax credits available for this green upgrade. But as you contemplate the advantages, you may be wondering about some of the risks as well. For example, do solar panels void an existing roof warranty? 

At Elite Roofing & Solar, we represent the best in both Colorado roofing and the solar industry, thanks to our partnership with SunPower. Because of this, we feel uniquely equipped to answer this question and ensure that both your roof and solar panels will last as long as possible. Let’s get started!

Do Solar Panels Void a Roof Warranty?

With careful planning, installing solar panels should not void your roof’s warranty. However, solar panel installation naturally does introduce some risk of compromising your roof. If your roof fails as a result of sloppy solar panel installation, your roof warranty is unlikely to cover it. Here’s what you need to know.

Types of Roof Warranties

There are two main types of roof warranties: manufacturer’s warranties and workmanship warranties. These warranties protect your roof against different sources of problems.

Manufacturer’s Warranties

A manufacturer’s warranty covers the materials used to complete your roof. Manufacturers like Owens Corning and GAF stand behind their products, particularly when their products are installed by roofers with strong credentials. However, these manufacturer’s warranties won’t apply to the section of the roof where solar panels are installed. So while going solar won’t void this warranty entirely, it will mean you should take extra care in maintaining the area of your roof where solar panels will be installed.

Workmanship Warranty

A workmanship warranty is provided by your roofer, and it covers their own work for a set length of time. If your roof fails as a result of poor workmanship during this span, your roofer will fix the issue at no additional cost. Workmanship warranties also cover any extraneous damage the roofer may cause to your property. 

Caution Is Key!

Most solar panel arrays will require holes to be drilled into your roof. If this is not done carefully, it can leave your roof exposed to the elements and vulnerable to moisture intrusion.

This means it’s especially important to work with a solar provider that has a reputation for precise installation. Some solar providers simply look to complete the installation as quickly as possible without regard for the health of your roof, and their work will be sloppy as a result. Be sure to vet installers carefully by checking through reviews and asking plenty of questions.

Coordinate With a Knowledgeable Roofer

Another way to ensure that your roof’s warranty is maintained is to work directly with a trusted roofing company throughout the solar installation process. A roofing professional will be able to evaluate the health of your roof before installation, supervise the installation process to avert potential damage, and inspect your roof after your solar array is installed to address any potential damage caused. 

Each of these steps will help ensure that your new solar panels will not void the existing warranty on your roof.

Elite Roofing & Solar: The Perfect Partnership!

Because of the potential pitfalls involved in adding solar panels to your roof, it’s important to coordinate with both an expert roofer and a leading solar company to install your new array. So why not work with a company that’s both?

Elite Roofing & Solar is the perfect blend of roofing expertise and solar know-how. The Elite Roofing team has decades of roofing experience to ensure your roof is ready for solar, while SunPower is the most trusted name in the solar industry. Our teams will coordinate with each other every step of the way to ensure your solar panels are installed carefully to avoid compromising your roof and voiding your roof warranty.

Now is a great time to go solar, and Elite Roofing & Solar is the best way to get there! Schedule your consultation today.