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Get the Best in Roofing and Solar!

Are you looking for solar companies to install panels on your home in Denver? Look no further!

Elite Roofing has partnered with SunPower to bring the best in solar installation to Denver and throughout the Front Range. Our solar arrays are built and installed by SunPower, and backed by Elite Roofing’s roofing expertise and longstanding reputation as a trusted local roofer. Learn more about our companies and our partnership, or schedule your free consultation today!

The Elite Roofing Story

Elite Roofing and Solar has a long history, starting out as Elite Custom Builders back in 2006. Founder Randy Brothers had worked as a superintendent with a local building company during college, and after graduating from UNC, he decided to put his Business Marketing degree and his skills as a builder to use as a contractor.

During the recession, Randy became a licensed insurance adjuster, estimating houses damaged by storms and natural disasters. It was during this time that he understood the stark need for reliable roofers in Colorado and discovered his love for walking on roofs. He relocated to Denver and after enlisting the help of his mother (who else to trust with the books?) and sister, Elite Roofing was born!

Over the next several years, Elite Roofing built up a strong reputation as the most trusted roofing company in Denver, helping many homeowners and business owners recover from hail, wind damage, and storm damage and building countless beautiful, sturdy roofs all the while.

Why SunPower Solar?

As we began to see more and more of a need for companies to complete solar installations in the Denver area, Elite Roofing researched the best solar providers in the nation for a partnership. After all, throughout our time as roofers, we’ve never compromised on quality—so we wanted the same from any other company we might work with!

Founded in 1985, SunPower Solar is now the nation’s top provider of solar arrays for homeowners, beating out other solar companies when it comes to longevity, quality, and reliability—in Denver or anywhere else. Unlike many “frankensolar” companies that rely on different manufacturers for different solar components, SunPower controls the entire manufacturing process from top to bottom. This enables higher and more consistent quality across every solar array they install.

Roofing and Solar: The Perfect Partnership

There are many reasons why a partnership between roofing and solar companies means Denver homeowners get the best in home solar installation. In fact, you might say a roofing and solar company make the perfect pair!

For our part, the Elite Roofing has in-depth knowledge of all things roofing. Before installing a solar array, it’s critical to ensure that a home’s roof is in excellent condition. Our team will provide a thorough inspection of every roof before giving the go-ahead for a solar installation. If there are any issues, we can provide quick and reliable repairs to ensure the roof will last throughout the life of your new solar array.

Once the roof is prepared, the SunPower team will complete an expert installation of their solar panels. And should anything happen to your solar array—such as damage from one of Colorado’s many hail storms—the Elite and SunPower teams will coordinate to complete repairs of both your roof and solar panel array to get your home back online! Between our roofing expertise and SunPower’s skill with solar, Denver homeowners truly get the best of both companies with Elite Roofing and Solar.

Get the Most from Solar Energy with Elite Roofing and Solar

Adding a solar array to your home saves you money, adds value to your home, and reduces your carbon footprint. With Elite Roofing and Solar you’ll get even more from your newly installed solar panels, as our combined expertise ensures the longevity and effectiveness of solar energy for your home.

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